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Oh, well, without exaggeration, the right haircut takes 5-10 years off your looks. The problem of many older women is sticking to one hairstyle for decades or choosing the styles which make them seem too severe. Updating your hairstyle at least in little ways every few years is a must for a woman of any age. Not only hair tendencies change, you change as well. New hair hue, new shapes of haircuts, new finishes for the ends can work wonders. The good news is there’s nothing new under the Sun, and your favorite pixies and bobs are still popular but they have acquired new quirks. We have 30 beautiful versions of your favorite haircuts here. Fancy having a look?

Updated Haircuts for Women over 50

Today your haircut should feature some lift around your face and give a feel of movement. These are easily achieved with layers and/or trimmed/choppy edges. Avoid heavy blunt cut contours and accurate geometrical lines and shapes in haircuts. You risk looking too severe and older than you are with them. Don’t tolerate overprocessed ends or excessive usage of hair spray. Both add years and should be shied away.

Chances are high that apart from a new haircut, you need also to reconsider your hair color. With age most women tend to choose lighter hues, which is quite understandable: they make you look younger and are better in masking grey hairs. But, on the other hand, if your base is too light for your skin tone, you look sadly washed out. You may need to go darker with your base and add caramel or golden highlights around your face. Highlights always refresh your skin and look stylish.

Short Shaggy Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Short and shaggy hairstyles not just look stylish, but also help to make the hair look fuller than it is.

Many older women prefer to have short hair as it is easy to maintain. Also, many women after 50’s experience thinning of hair. Shaggy hairstyles are suitable for older women, as they add a lot of volume and cover up thinning patches of the scalp.

Shaggy hairstyles can be done in various ways. Mostly layer cutting is involved when styling the hair into a shag style. Choppy layers and razor cuts are popular when it comes to shag hairstyles. However, many people prefer messy short pixie or bob cuts as well.

Pixie Hairstyles

pixie-shag-sleek pixie-shag-bangs
pixie-shag-classic pixie-shag-modern

Pixie style have been sported by many celebs. These are very short shag styles, which are low on maintenance. There are many ways to get these styles. Check out pictures of Jamie-Lee Carter, Winona Ryder, and Rihanna to get some inspiration. There are so many variations of the pixie style, that you can surely find a unique way to get a pixie cut for yourself.

In a pixie cut, the hair on the sides and back are cut into short crops. The hair on the crown is kept longer. This is the normal way how a pixie cut is done. However, there are so many ways to style a pixie cut. You can keep the crown hair longer, and then style all the crown hair sideways. For this style you can consider adding sweeping side bangs, which are cut choppy. This looks very edgy and stylish.

You can also keep crown hair longer and the bangs cut till the eyebrows. Then on wet hair apply a curling hair serum and tousle your hair. Let the hair dry naturally. This will bring out the natural wavy hair, and give a relaxed hairstyle look. The crown and forehead hair can also be styled upwards with a strong hold gel, for a spiky effect. With this style arrange the hair on the sides around your cheeks.

Bob Shaggy Hairstyles

bob-with-bangs-shaggy bob-flipped-out
bob-shaggy-wavy bob-deep-layered

Bob hairstyles are classic hairstyles and hence make one of the best hairstyles for mature women. However, avoid going with blunt bangs. Today, the trend is of inverted bob. Inverted bob is also known as the graduated bob. For an inverted bob, the hair on the back is cut very short, near the nape of the neck. The hair on sides are cut longer and tapering.

If you want a balanced look, keep the sides symmetrical. But, for an edgy and stylish look, consider cutting the sides asymmetrical. If you want to have an asymmetrical look, then accompany this style with side blunt bangs and side parting.

If you want you can also style your hair curly sometimes. To do this on wet hair apply a hair curling solution like a sea salt spray or curling serum. Then scrunch your hair and let it dry naturally. Soon you will notice curly-wavy beach hair. This gives a nice glamorous look. You can carry this look for a formal party, or style your straight hair this way for a change.

Layered Styles

layered-shag-elegant layered-shag-redhead
layered-shag-fine-hair layered-shag-relaxed

With layering you can create various short shaggy hairstyles. One of the most popular style among women is short medium layered style. Simply cut the hair into layers. All the layers should be cut such, that they are flipped outwards. Then cut the front section of the hair into side bangs, but not sweeping bangs. This hairstyle has been sported many times by Paula Abdul.

You can also consider the Candice Bergen layered hairstyle. This hairstyle is similar to the above layered style, but is a simpler variation. To get this style, get some layers near the crown, and few layers near the ends of the hair. Then cut the front section of the hair into side sweeping bangs. The hair at the ends should be styled outwards, using a blow dryer.

Choppy Styles

crop-shaggy-bangs crop-shaggy-short
crop-shaggy-layers crop-shaggy-thick

Choppy layered styles are very popular today and give a great look. To get these hairstyles, use these ideas. Middle part your hair and get choppy layers on both sides. Keep two lengths of choppy layers. One should be around the crown in equal length, and second should be near the ends of the hair. This simple hairstyle can be carried with a middle, side, or no parting.

To get some trendy choppy styles use these ideas. Get your sides cut in such a way that they are tapering and are placed in front of the ears. The back hair can be kept longer. The front section of the hair should be cut into choppy bangs. The crown hair can be cut into deep choppy layers. To add more to this style get a razor cut done, this will give wispy ends effect.

Choose an appropriate style which goes with your hair length and lifestyle. To add more to your style consider adding subtle skinny hair highlights.

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